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stitchmarkerswp's Journal

Knitting Stitch Marker Swap!
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This Community is for knitters to swap stitch markers that they create with others, in a kind of round robin type swap.

Right now, there will be a swap every two months. The way it will work, is that you will have the first two weeks to sign up. To sign up, just respond to the posting of the swap.

After the two weeks have passed, I will post the LJ names of all those participating. You will then have four weeks to make your stitch markers and get them in the mail. In the last two weeks, I will send out the markers to each participant.

Right now, we are making one marker per participant. Each swap member will send in the total number os markers needed to swap one marker with each person. I will divide the sets up and return one of each marker to each person.

If there are extra of your markers, they will be returned to you. There can be extras just in case someone doesn't end up participating, or drops out, or just can't do them. It's cool - life happens. But each person's extras (if any) will get returned back to them.

I ask that you send your stitch markers to me in a padded bag, and enclose $1 for postage. I will be reusing your padded bag (if it makes it here in one piece!) and will send out everything first class with delivery confirmation.

I know that that assumes most swappers will be in the US; if we have folks who want to join from other countries that's cool - it will just be a little more for postage. I'll let those folks know on a case by case basis.

There is no need to send in an extra marker for the hostess or anything else other than the total number of markers needed, and the dollar for postage.

We will have "themes" but they will only be color-based, and will just actually be guidelines anyway! Any suggestions for "themes" are welcome!

The only rules are that you send in the right number of markers in a padded bag, don't forget your dollar for postage, and please send something that you would like to receive. Also, if "life happens" and you can't do the swap - just let me know!!

Also, at some point, I hope that we are a big giant group, and it would be too much for everyone to swap with everyone else! So at some point we will set a limit of number of sets that each person has to complete... suggestions are welcome!!

And, we may decide that we want to do two sets per swapper in the future. It's cool - I expect this group to change over time!

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